Parma Eldalamberon ... The Book of Elven Tongues ... is a journal of linguistic studies of fantasy literature, especially of the Elvish languages and nomenclature in the works of J. R. R. Tolkien.


edited by Christopher Gilson


"Ainulindele" ... front cover

original art by Adam Christensen


The Unified Field Theory of Elvish

by Patrick Wynne


Pronouns in Noldorin and Sindarin

by Tom Loback


Itarelle Quete

translated by Craig Marnock


A Survey of Eldarin Pronouns

by Bill Welden


23 and 31: Problematic Numbers in Elvish

by Arden R. Smith


Orc Military Organization and Language

by Tom Loback


An Analysis of Fíriel's Song

by Patrick Wynne


RUNES: Letters to Parma


"Business as usual in Mordor" ... back cover

concept: Tom Loback – art: Patrick Wynne


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A retrospective collection of cover art, title pages and other

illustrations by artists Patrick Wynne and Adam Christensen

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