Treasures of the Celtic Harp by Kim Robertson

he Celtic people laid their treasures up in song.

There is an old Irish saying that harmony is made by man but melody comes from God.This may begin to explain why Celtic melodies transcend time and evolve with each new generation of musicians that embraces them. Pure and powerful, they are a living tradition; their wealth belongs to the whole and their resonances touch and uplift the heart today as they have for centuries.

For me, playing these melodies on the harp is like visiting with old friends ... they are comforting, patient, playful, willing to let me experience them in my familiar ways or to surprise me in a moment with a new facet or mischievous secret. They remind me where I've come from, reflect where I am, and sing to me of the path ahead.

And I know they will always be there waiting for me and those who come after, to remind us gently that we, too, are made of music and are part of the treasure."


- Kim Robertson from the liner notes of

Treasures of the Celtic Harp





New Leaves




Merrily Kissed

the Quaker





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