Parma Eldalamberon ... The Book of Elven Tongues ... is a journal of linguistic studies of fantasy literature, especially of the Elvish languages and nomenclature in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. It is published at irregular intervals as sufficient material becomes available.



edited by Christopher Gilson


Lung Ulu

by Christopher Gilson


First Person Possessive in High-Elven

by Christopher Gilson


Chart of Body Parts in Various Languages

by Tom Loback


Corma Laire Quenyasse

by Jorge Quiñonez


RUNES: Letters to Parma


A Working English Lexicon

reviewed by Jorge Quiñonez


Quettar Quentava Eldalamberon

by Stanley Friesen


Im Naitho, a Poem with Notes

original art by Tom Loback


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A retrospective collection of cover art, title pages and other

illustrations by artists Patrick Wynne and Adam Christensen

appear in the Eldalamberon Gallery

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