the rhyme and the river by Sharlene Wallace

independently released from Sharlene Wallace

P.O. Box 190, Station C, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M6J 3M9

Tel 416 -346-6600

The rhyme and the river has an ongoing motion, that starts from the first song and flows through to the last. Wallace has a tender and whispery touch to the harp, which tends to make it sound lush--as if it were singing. Her patient rhythmic sense, careful attention to dynamics, and the lightness of her technique make her soft music very shapely and warm. In the brighter and faster songs, her awareness of accuracy and the exuberance with which she plays makes everything easy to the ear and extremely refreshing.

I particularly appreciate the sensitivity she brings to the construction of her songs. There are times when I can hear the river dropping into swells and trickling into brooks, the rapid water rushing against the rocks, and water dripping over waterfalls. Even more engaging is the tenderness in which she adds other intruments (bass, guitar, triangle, and fiddle) to the subtle ebbs and flows. The counter-rhythms add to the feeling of nature's own randomness and uncertainty of where the river will, eventually, go.

I greatly appreciate this album, and would highly recommend it.

© 1997 Sean Mahoney

originally published in the

Folk Harp Journal




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