Queen of Harps by Ann Heymann

reviewed by Adam Victor Christensen

Released by Temple Records, Shillinghill, Temple, Midlothian, Scotland

Ann Heymann's personal, artistic quest for the wellsprings of the wire-strung Gaelic harp tradition has led her upon some beautiful and less traveled paths. In her new solo Celtic harp recording "Queen of Harps," she has returned from the sacred grove with sweet water, full and overflowing. These nine selections gracefully combine Ann's passion for the details of scholarship with equally passionate musical skill, intuition and imagination. In passage after passage of precise and brilliant playing , she demonstrates why this instrument was held in such great regard in all the Celtic lands ... there is simply no other sound like it in the world.

- Copyright © 1998 Adam Victor Christensen -

Playing time: 61:20

Titles: 1) Queen of Harps 2) Ex Te Lux Oritur 3) Feachain Gleis 4) Lamentation of Youths 5) Sir Thomas Brook's Pavane/Cormac's Alma/Lord Sheffield's Pavan 6) The First Irish Jig/Holyrood Measure 7) Hawk of Ballyshanon 8) Temple Hill Reel/Temple Hill Jigs 9) Lament for the Harp


Originally published in the Folk Harp Journal No. 87 Spring 1995


This recording is available from ... a harper's garden


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