Hand Woven by Lorin Grean

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Lorin Grean is both imaginative and creative. Her sensitive and passionate ability to weave the harp and voice through melodies and background is utterly blissful. Her songs are innovative and unique, creating illusion and mystery; a joyous journey. I particularly enjoy her use of many instruments, layered and balanced , to paint her songs. She uses a plethora of instruments: guitars, recorders, piano, drums, fiddle, and voice to enhance her visions.

I was grasped by several elements of Hand Woven: its many mood changes, rhythmical pulses, and the utilization of instruments to build the intensity of the songs. Once this music hit my ears, I heard imitations of different intruments calling to each other, the voices echoing the call of the wild, and the playful interwoven melodies. Lorin has a "world" ear. One song contains unique scales of Indian singing, another occasional jazz piano, and yet another has many undulating rhythms, all of which kept me attuned to her feelings and love for the music.

This is an outstanding effort, and it left me wanting more ... which is a great sign!

© 1997 Sean Mahoney

originally published in the

Folk Harp Journal




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