The Dawning of the Day by Laurie Rasmussen

reviewed by Adam Victor Christensen

Released by Lorelei, 809 SE 29th Avenue, Portland OR 97214

At last, Laurie Rasmussen has found time to record and celebrate her love of music ... traditional and original ... in The Dawning of the Day. The rich, dark voice of the cello played by Janet Haarvig and the soaring notes of the flute by Trudy Shotliff complete a trio in which Laurie's Dusty Strings folk harp weaves melody and harmony as if on a golden loom.

She has gathered some of the most eternal melodies from Ireland and Scotland and carefully avoided the urge to "classicize"or "impressivize" folk music when using flute and cello to complete the tunes. She has kept the arrangements sheer and uncluttered, and recorded them with an intuitive center of balance that lets the music breathe and open in calmness. Her warm touch on the strings allows them to speak to us today, as they have for years past, as the music of sweet memory and noble feeling.

There are many great moments on this recording, but the first cut, "Brigid O'Malley," with its poignant cello melody is one of my favorites. The Irish lullaby, "Einini," "The Wild Geese,"and O'Carolan's "Blind Mary/Sheebeg Sheemore" are also high points for me.

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Selections:1 ) Brigid O'Malley 2 ) Sophia Rose3 ) The Wild Geese 4) Gaelic Melody/Star of the County Down 5 ) The Mermaid's Song 6 ) Einini 7 ) The Dawning of the Day 8 ) Morgan Magan 9 ) Blind Mary/Sheebeg Sheemore 10 ) Squire Wood's Lamentation on the Refusal of His Halfpence 11 ) Ca' the Yowes/Swallowtail Jig 12 ) The Banks of the Roses/ My Guiding Star


Originally published in the Folk Harp Journal


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