This page is offered as an appreciation of our friends whose many gifts and talents have enriched our lives. Each of these unique individuals has in their own way increased our humanity ... our awareness of what it is to be truly human ... and hastened us forward on the great spiral of life towards our own greater selves.

These are out inspirers, our mentors, our fellow travelers and explorers, our friends. We think of them as "angels-in-residence" who are continually adding some beautiful shape of art or thought or music to the architecture of our earthly home.

Some of them already have pages dedicated to them on the web and we hope this will serve as a guide to them and their current creative projects and interests. Some of them may not as yet have flickered onto the web but , little by litte, a page will be added for them. This is by no means a complete list ... let us hope that our "book of friends" never arrives at a last page. This is simply a place for our appreciation to find a voice and a beginning ...

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