Tuor's Song


Ondolin!  Ondolin 
O Vinyamar ni yálie. 
Ondolin!  Ondolin! 
Ar antan ilqua sinome. 
Istanye sí man merilye órinen, 
Ya tertaituvan lestanen! 
Ulmondilion nai roquen  
     úva nankima, 
Ortúrala íre fire queluva, 
Amba ramba yan úmier, 
Hyare hlóke ve minya nér, 
Lungo vaina angaina síre lutula. 
Man ungwale oio roquen  
     yéva tankima, 
Úlorime nati voro kantuva. 
Nan masse mí Mar 
Ná yasse mí Mar 
I nér tande kaluva? 

Un hê!  Un hê, 
Quetinye ve ai 
Nukumbale inye ná. 
I firimo 
Un hê, un hê, ni ná. 
Er tyalieron, 
Eresse ilúvie. 
Taminye i hon 
Ar san, namárie! 
Un hê!  Un hê. 
A laitima nai, 
Astaldova Hildorin. 
Ar sí tuvinye Noldolie 
Únyáre kánenya, verie ye 
Ambarta mi Ondolin. 

[Word-by-word translation of the Quenya:]

Gondolin!  Gondolin 
From - Vinyamar - me - calling. 
Gondolin!  Gondolin! 
And - I give - everything - in this place. 
I know - now - what - you wish - in my heart, 
Which - I will prolong through - in measure! 
Of the friends of Ulmo - may it be - a knight 
     will not be - conquerable, 
Overcoming - when - a mortal man - will fade, 
Up - a wall - to which - they do not, 
Cleave - a dragon - as - foremost - man, 
Heavily - clad - of iron - a stream - swimming. 
What - torture - ever - a knight 
     will be - firm, 
Unimaginable - things - always - (he) will shape. 
But - where - in the - World 
Is - there - in the - World 
The - man - thus - will shine? 

Un hê!  Un hê, 
I say - as - if 
Humbly - even I - (it) is. 
The - mortal 
Of great artistry 
Un hê, un hê, me - (it) is. 
I did not fall 
Once - of sports, 
Alone - universal. 
With sword 
I tap - the - heart 
And - then, farewell! 
Un hê!  Un hê. 
O - praiseworthy - may it be, 
Of divine strength - Mannish (of race). 
And - now - I find - Noldorin folk 
Not told - my valour, boldness - to be 
(My) fate - in - Gondolin. 

[Idiomatic English rendering:]

Gondolin!  Gondolin (is)
Calling me from Vinyamar.
Gondolin!  Gondolin!
And here I give (my) all.
I know in my soul what now you want (of me),
The measure of which I will extend beyond!
It is to be hoped a knight of the Ulmondili
    would be invincible,
Succeeding when a (mere) mortal would fail,
Climb a wall where those (mortals) could not,
Cleave a dragon (as quick) as the fastest man,
Swimming a stream in a coat of heavy iron (mail).
Whatever the pain a knight
    should stand up (to it),
Unimaginable deeds should be (his) every day.
But where in the World
Is there in the World
A man so extraordinary?

I (am) it!  I (am) it!
I say (this) as if,
Humbly, I am (the very one).
The mortal man
Among the most talented
I (am) it, I (am) it, it is I.
I have never lost
(Even) one of the games (I played),
(I am) alone in the universe.
When using a sword
I touch to the heart
And then, (say) good-bye!
I (am) it!  I (am) it!
O, admirable, it is to be hoped,
A Man, but as strong as a Vala.
And now I find the Folk of the Noldor
Unaware of how brave and bold I shall be
(As I serve) in Gondolin.

Cwestlthir Gwession