Idril's Song

Itarilde Taltelepsa: 

So uistan manen mélan, 
kára man an so tultan. 
Ahyainienye, anwa yen. 
Sinden aurelis 
íre kénan ni, 
útírien ve nin. 

Sin uistan manen máran, 
úkenin man ni tultas. 
Su ye nér, 
su er ye nér. 
Oio uistanenye  
ten sí nér 
mi andanótinen. 
Su ye nan er. 

Yello ramuvan? 
Quetin melmeo? 
Tyáver fainuvan? 

Sin uintyanenye tulien! 
Tande ilya man? 

Intyuvalye nea lalima 
sinome sí maruvanye? 
Inye ná 
i oiale 
lissí aranel, 
Telepsa Tál, 
heril ilquaron. 

Sin uintyanenye tulien! 
Tande ilya man? 

Nan, ai nin eques méla, 
vanwa nán 
lá mára nan. 
Kár quernuvan, 
úméran istaron. 

Idril Silverfoot: 

Him - I know not - how - I love, 
do - what - for - him - I fetch. 
I am changed, true - I am. 
In these - in many days 
when - I see - me, 
I look not - as - on me. 

This - I know not - how - I abide, 
I see not - what - me - he fetches. 
He - is - a man, 
he - only - is - a man. 
Ever - I  knew not 
till - now - man 
in - (ways) with great number. 
He - is - but - one. 

Shall I bring him down? 
A shout (of triumph) - shall I  shout? 
Speak I - of love? 
Feelings - shall I release? 

To this - I guessed not - to come! 
Thither - all - (is) what? 

Will you suppose - it would be - laughable 
in this place - now - I shall abide? 
Even I - (who) is 
the - always 
sweet - princess, 
Silver Foot, 
mistress - of everything. 
I fear him. 

To this - I guessed not - to come! 
Thither - all - (is) what? 

Yet, if - to me - he says - (he) loves, 
lost - am I, 
in many fears. 
I shall not abide, 
indeed not - abide - yet. 
Head - I shall turn, 
I shall back away, 
I want not - of knowings. 
I fear him, 
I desire him, 
I love him! 


Cwestlthir Gwession