D’ni Transcriptions

In the following transcriptions the letter represented above by eh (number 10) is given as e, and the letter represented above by a (number 22) is given as æ.  The elements of words in texts published without translation and that occur only once in the published corpus are highlighted in green, and the suggested translation is usually queried.  Words that occur only two or three times in the corpus are highlighted in purple.  All translations of elements that do not occur in any text with a published translation are given in brackets, unless their meaning can be deduced with fair certainty because of multiple occurrences.  Translations that were published along with the texts are given in quotation marks.  Translations without quotation marks have been inferred through comparison with words and word elements having published meanings (either in isolation or in other texts); but the  reader should be aware that these inferred translations may only approximate the actual meanings of the associated texts.

The Book of Atrus Cover
(Talash. = Text fragments about Talashar in the cover of the paperback edition of BA.)  

Book of Atrus

[uh or oo] pe…

[e]nen neege[s(h)]

[ah]n te[t]

[l] b’ fahsee…
… entirely (‘to twenty-five’)…

]æshahr rese[ltahn (?)]
Talashar the writer…

t’ gortee oglah
in ancient times…

oyn renahvah pah[rah]
[???] the great master…

Tælæshahr kh’
[v or b]
Talashar for …

teeko gahth
[???] still.

[.]gormet [??]n je…
[Now] …

[g]orven bo[d]otahg…  …pah…
… soon [I] will be [giving (?)] …

…fahsee D’ ni t’
[g]…  …[uh or oo]tahv …
… twenty-five D’ni in …

…rah leshento b’ bahr…  …ev
… I have taken to [make (?)] …

[???] boglo preniv regahn [f or p]
… once again I will begin the empire …

[teeo]kh ahlgahoy l’ ailah[eet]
… [the ???]s of my [???] have [???]ed …

[go]rmet b’ sh[e]
… [now] to [???] …

[o]s(h)  .bonahr


Atrus’s Prayer
(AP.  =  Atrus’s Prayer in the 1996 Myst Calendar.)    Analysis.

Atrus's Prayer

[Father (?) =
Yahvo ‘the Maker’ (?)]

.kodokhahntor femahgenteeom
I was [reflecting (?)] [on] your [powers (?)]

kodokahnræd kæm lorahg kenen b’ken shin b-baikh b’totee rahnahl tso mahrntahvom
I was thinking what [grace (?)] it is to be able to link to various places of your creation.

.doprahchizen b’zoo dho muhkhon b’tairoosh lemahrnem met misho tsahv te
It is [amazing (?)] to me how complex to [???] you have created this universe I live in.

.gahth t’dho kenen – dhozonesh tairoo t’bahshtee vaht – khahgem gahth b’taigahn khezoo
Still with how it is – [however (?)] [???] to five [senses (?)] – you [???] still to love for me.

.pahrkh b’shem
I [pray (?)] to you.

.kæm shin bahrtah t’gestoy rilnahr b’fahsee domahdho t’pahrahthom gahhootsaithom
What (I am) able [to accomplish (?)] by art not entirely [???] I am [achieving (?)] by your greatness and [???].

.votahr ah’shem khekæmrov kenem
I praise you for who you are.

.g’chev ah’shem khekæm l’ahrtahem gah kæm boahrtahem
And I thank you for what you have [done (?)] and what you will [do (?)].

.ken chevet oyn mor’okh’mor kokenen rehmehsfeht b’vainuh t’khoytahg zuh tsoshem g'bortahom
I am [thankful] [???] [???] of [???] was the [requirement] to [???] by [???] end of you and your [???].

Aitrus’s Map
(JS.  = “Journey to the Surface” text on Aitrus’s Map.)  Text & Translation.  

relenah bretahleeo
“The Journey to the Surface”

.trebigto iglahrno okh rekæligo kogloet regidtahv
“With the temporary blessing of the Council we began the excavation.”

.bahtsahnah met tahgen ah rerooai noref bretahleeo
“This map gives the final route to the surface.”

.loymaht terelin ril kodobahrelen rebishtah kodolahsahen trefiladh teflin teeget
“Though contact wasn’t made the tunnel was sealed at the top in working order.”

(DT. = D’ni Timepiece text in Aitrus’s Map.)  Text & Translation.

.rebishtah kodosaien kahgesh b’mes erth lenahokh yahrtee sen bretahleeo
“The tunnel was originally designed to require a journey of three days to the surface.”

.loymaht remishtahtahv robot tso rebishtah ril mahrenten resaitee kahg
“Though the actual construction of the tunnel doesn’t follow the original designs,"

relenah gahth shentoen blo yahrtee f’toogo
“the journey still takes about three days on foot.”

(FL. = “Fault Line” text in Aitrus’s Map.)  Text & Translation.  

Telooknahvah Gahrten kolonen ah metidhsai chai mepræd ahnotahm ahbtseeëts
“Surveyors Guild Master Garten discovered this fault line of magma-based basaltic rock.”

.kotokituhen khregitsahth gah khresoygith okh metbishtah roo kahzeeët n’rechai
“It was determined for the safety and stability of this tunnel that we would detour around the fault.”

(Phos. = “Phosphorescent Plants” text on Aitrus’s Map.)   Text & Translation. 

.met kenen erthklai stofah tregilotee bahronet kolonet
“This is an example of one of the phosphorescent plants we discovered.”

.tooleet chilesh zith fregahlon roob repoytee tsoïdahl tooleet megoyrai mrepræd
“They mainly grow low along the ground, but the glowing bulbs grow straight out from the rock.”

(WC. = “Winged Creature” text on Aitrus’s Map.)  Text & Translation.

.met boogin prin gah tromets kokenen fah terthtes mot kokenen kohooren terthbroon ahnotahm
“This small winged creature was one of a group that was found in a lava tube.”

.rehevo kroen gahreesen gahederen terthtes don erthchir fah
“The swarm moves, eats, and sleeps as a group, as if it were a single organism.”

(Liz. = “Lizard” text on Aitrus’s Map.)  Text & Translation.

.kohooret ah met m’lah dotsahven t’fah tregahlpotee vogets tretahleeo
“We found this lizard living in one of the natural caves near the surface.”

.rem’lah sekhen poahnt bonooets b’rigahsen
“The lizard has highly acidic saliva,”

mot tornen freprædtee doreesloen remahrg melin mrepræd
“which it spits at the rocks, dissolving the rock’s outer layer.”

.gormot glahsen ahrepoahnt tre’irvæntee tregilotee gah trechirtee prin mot lereesloeet
“It then drinks the saliva along with the minerals, plants, and small organisms that have been dissolved.”

(Shaft. = “Shaft” text on Aitrus’s Map.)  Text & Translation. 

.retiwah kokenen kosaien t’Telooknahvah Gahrten
“The shaft was designed by Surveyors Guild Master Garten.”

.komesen redoyhahtee prædteegahl tor gahro b’fahsee t’biv tregahn D’nee
“It required the four greatest rock-working machines in all of the D’ni Empire”

gahvíleetee tren b’choylahnai
“and a few months to complete.”

Prayers to Gehn
(Gate. = Prayers on the Gateroom walls in Temple Island.)  Images.

The Books

.oonraiot Gen lepahboyen set te dotahgen b’set ah r’ríwai b’bahrel rekortee
Our lord Gehn has blessed us by giving to us the procedure to make the books.

.chevet nahvahot ben r’
rinæltahv tso donetsoet rekortee tseemahen
We thank our lord for the [privilege (?)] of producing the books he needs.

The Ink

.oonraiot Gen lepahboyen set te dotahgen b’set ah reooshah b’bahrel relem
Our lord Gehn has blessed us by giving to us the formula to make the ink.

.chevet nahvahot ben r’inæltahv tso donetsoet relem tseemahen
We thank our lord for the [opportunity (?)] of producing the ink he needs.

Our Master

.oonraiot Gen lepahboyen set te vaitsoo’en
Our lord Gehn has blessed us by his presence.

.yootaiet mahnot b’nahvahot Gen remahrntahn gre’ahreeuhtahn tso dovahot
We [dedicate (?)] our existence to our master Gehn, the creator and protector of our world.

.votahrteeah Gen bahreltahn tso dovahtee
Praise Gehn, the maker of worlds.

The Rules of Gehn
(Chalk. = “The Rules of Gehn” on the Chalkboard in the Schoolroom.)   Image & Translation.

Releshteeokh Gen
“The Rules of Gehn”

Gen kenen nahvahot
“Gehn is our master.”

Gen komahrnen set
“Gehn created us.”

Gen kodormadhen Aitruhs
“Gehn defeated Atrus.”

Gehn’s Journal
(GJ.  = The page from Gehn’s Journal in the Riven Soundtrack booklet.)   

Gehn's Journal

.loymaht lekeneet dhainoytee pahrah tresheegah
Though there have been great [obstacles (?)] in the [way]

reëndaitahntee leshufaieet oolbahoy fesev <9><8> 
the Builders have finished my office on Age 233

kodobeerah re
teejuh kahg
I was keeping the original [team].

.ril leeahm lekenen hoosahtai b’fahsee okh [ee]n okh mishtahtahvoy met fahm
No [part (?)] has been entirely [easy (?)] of [any] of my construction this far

gætah chilesh brevog wotsah okh r’
ahchah te ah sev mot
due mainly to the harsh nature of the [climate (?)] [within] that age.

.khoy regedee kæt kolkenen remooshee greoonahn cheto okh rezeewai
[If] the only [surprise (?)] had been the [???] and the [poor(?)] [leadership] of the [mission (?)]

ril bodolpaipeel
I would not have been [upset (?)].

.kokenen revog miro okh re
víduh mot kopoogoen b’ken erth nuhdahtahv b’rish
It was the toxic nature of the [???] that [proved (?)] to be nearly a [disaster (?)]

be erth
teejah teegahl kerah
to a brave working [team].

.volah tesot prin fahets teegtahntee kodoteegeet
rilte reahreeuhtahv tsahroo tseemahahl
Yes, our first small group of workers working without the [full (?)] protection (they were) needing

tænuhth iglahrno temo kokeelaheet kæt erth gahrtahvotee khah treahchah
suffered temporary [???] [where] they just [endured (?)] a few 6 hour periods in the [climate (?)].

.bree pahm sen ko
tænuheet tsahnosh trefahdho
Two or three were [???] permanently by the experience.

yeepai kolæneet me gormot tetemo kojahgahen ahreeuhtahv fooruh
The [???] they [wore (?)] from then [???] [provided (?)] sufficient protection

loymaht re
loopahtee mot komahrenteet khahpo kokeneet pekai b’rish be motee
though the [dangers (?)] which followed perhaps were nearly [equal (?)] to those.

Kadish’s Note
(Kadish. = Guildmaster Kadish’s final testament found in his vault.)  Text Image.    

Kadish Note

rochai zuhoy
I have [met (?)] my end.

ting mileshen zoo
[Mortality (?)] [overwhelms (?)] me.

I see its [???].

hahrtenen gah dofolesen kheveelaioy b’koozah
It is [waiting (?)] and [watching (?)] for my soul to [depart (?)].

veechtahvteeon rifeeneet sahethoy
Its [acquisitions (?)] [surpass (?)] my [own].

.korvahkhtee keneet tomet roob ril bo
There are linking books here but I will not [depart (?)]

I have [decided (?)].

.ken tomet te biv roo
I am here with all that I would [desire (?)].

chahnshentoen tah me zoo
No one [can (?)] take [it] from me.

.bomahnshoo tomet te
I will die here with [them].

.to met kenen
bahvahnin gah bojikahen bahvahnin
This place is [hidden (?)] and will [remain] [hidden (?)].

.khoy hevtee met dohooreet pahl rifoonemah roo ril kokino
[If] these words are found [anyway (?)], [remember] that I did not [surrender (?)]!

.ril komahnshoo te ril
I did not die with [nothing].

.komahnshoo te biv
I died with [everything].

fitaiemah se tsosahtahvteeoy
[Look (?)] at my [possessions]!

pishoeet b’zoo gah bokeneet t’zoo tsahn
They [belong] to me and will be with me forever.


Tel Nahvah Kaidish

Guild Master Kadish

Kenen Gor
(KG. = The “Kenen Gor” manifesto found in a D’ni neighborhood classroom.) 

Burnt Classroom

Text Image.    
Kenen Gor
It Is Time

.kenen gor khre
kahntinahlothtee b’shento oolintahv tso D’nee
It is time for the [oppressed (?)] ones to take [control] of D’ni.

.kenen gor khrekahntintahntee b’ken shentomeij
It is time for the [oppressors (?)] to be taken from.

.kenen gor khre
gonahthtee b’ken temahij
It is time for the [silent (?)] ones to be [heard (?)].

.kenen gor khreleeahnithtee b’ken roomaiij
It is time for the [partitions (?)] to be [???].

.kenen gor khrezithahthtee b’ken
It is time for the [lowest] ones to be [raised].

.kenen gor khrelahthtee b’ken zithonij
It is time for the [highest] to be [lowered].

.kenen gor khreseht b’mahlah
It is time for us to come [???].

.kenen gor khre’eest b’ken noginij
It is time for them to be [???].

.kenen gor khre
It is time for the [restoration (?)].

We will not be [hindered (?)].

.rilbotemahet hevteeos
We will not [hear (?)] their words.

.rilsekeet re
dhelim b’poget set
They do not have the [right (?)] to rule us.

.rilsekeet remíoodtee boolin set
They do not have the [means (?)] to [control] us.

.botahgaireet roo kenet rilvoohee
They will learn that we can not be [???].

.botahgahmeet roo kenet rilvoohee ahtmaiij
They will know that we could not be [stopped (?)].

.kenen gor
It is time.

The Bevin Podium Speech
(Podium. = Recorded speech that can be heard from the podium in the Bevin community room. 
There is a good deal of static in the message so that much of this transcription is tentative. )  Location.


.kenet gormet se
[t] [th]o een o[kh] t[ay]
Now we are [ourselves (?)] [???] any of [???].

[uh]teeok[h] [met][l]ee [k]ort[e]s
The [???]s of [this] [month (?)] [book group (?)].

.kovoohee too[n]ee [remahl] [b’f]ahsee [uh]
I could [???] [???] [entirely (?)] [???].

.[t]e gormo[t] poruh gor[o] [p]e[r]ah[th] kor[f]ah
[At] that time [???] [???] [???] [first book (?)].

.[re]ahrotahn koke[s]oen [ts]ahn [ge]rahno [ts]o e[nt]ahn
[The] outsider [restored (?)] [forever (?)] [foundation (?)] [of ] [???].

Miscellaneous Bahro Texts

Bahro Cliff
                      Text A

Bahro Building
                      Text A

Bahro Cliff
                      Text B

Bahro Pedestal
                      Text B

'Repahts' inscribed over doorway

'pb' 'teb' '20' '15' = 515

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